Philip Sawyers- Symphony no. 3, Songs of Loss and Regret, Fanfare






Symphony No. 3
Songs of Loss and Regret 
April Fredrick, soprano
Fanfare English String Orchestra

English Symphony Orchestra / Kenneth Woods

‘To me the symphonic ideal is one of ‘becoming’, of almost organic growth. It is a journey through a myriad of musical ideas that are as closely argued as any philosophical treatise.’ – Philip Sawyers

This programme reveals Philip Sawyers as a composer at the height of his powers whose music ranges across a relatively wide spectrum of harmonic intensity, from the very direct and straightforward tonal language of the Fanfare to the twelve-tone pyrotechnics of the Third Symphony. However, regardless of whether we look to the modal harmonies of Songs of Loss and Regret or the multi-layered serial counterpoint of the finale of the Third Symphony, we still find a unifying sense of a strong and individual artistic personality. – Kenneth Woods

Nimbus NI6353








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