Live Recording Session
- Sibelius and Beethoven
Music from Wyastone - ESO Digital Exclusive Event
2nd May 2021

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Sibelius  Symphony No.7
Beethoven  Leonore Overture No.3


English Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Kenneth Woods

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Available live 1430-1730 GMT, Sunday 2nd May 2021

Join us for a live recording session!

Ever wondered what happens during one of our recording sessions?  Join us live from Wyastone as we record Sibelius Symphony No.7 and Beethoven’s Leonore Overture No.3.

We’ll have multiple cameras in the studio, as well as in the production booth, so you can see and hear how we make recordings for both ESO Digital releases and for CD.

Is this a concert?
No – this is a live recording session.  We’ll be recording the pieces in sections which then get stitched together in the final edit.  The final concert will be available to view on ESO Digital at a later date.

Do I need to pay to view the live stream?
This is an ESO Digital exclusive event – you’ll need to be an ESO Digital supporter to view it.  Not a supporter yet?  Find out more here.

I can’t make the live stream times – will this be available ‘on demand’?
Due to music rights this will only be available live, and not available to watch again or download after the live stream has finished.

Do I need to watch the whole live stream?
No – you can join at any time during the live stream (it starts at 1430 and ends by 1730) but you will be unable to rewind to watch anything you might have missed.  We will also be taking a 20-minute break roughly half way through the session to give our musicians a chance to re-fuel.

What do I need to view the live stream?
The live stream will run the same as the other videos on our website – so as long as you can view them, just make sure you’re logged in to your ESO Digital account and on the event page, and the live stream will appear there when available.