One donation, twice the impact 

From midday November 27 – midday December 4

For one week only, every donation made through the Big Give’s website will be DOUBLED helping us to bring more live music to people in care homes and hospices

‘Where words fail, music speaks’ Hans Christian Anderson

Older people in care homes often have long periods of time without contact with family and friends and those living with dementia, in particular, are often under stimulated.

Research shows that the performance of live music triggers memories, enhances the quality of life of elderly people, reduces agitation, stress and the perception of pain. Evidence also demonstrates improved communication, greater levels of understanding between residents and staff and the reduction in the need for medication to alleviate distress. Such research validates what we know to be true from our own anecdotal evidence and the feedback which we regularly receive from our beneficiaries.

How you can help

We’re taking part in the Big Give Christmas Challenge 2018 and are asking for your support to help us raise £10,000. Thanks to generous donors, your donation will be doubled at no extra cost to you which means that, if we’re successful, we’ll have the opportunity to raise an incredible sum of money for our Concerts in Care Homes & Hospices programme in 2019.

How it works

Online donations of any size from £5 to £5000 will have the opportunity to be doubled from midday Tuesday 27 November until midday Tuesday 4 December. Put the dates in your diary and donate through the link below (from midday Tuesday 27 November).


Thank you in advance from all of us at the ESO for your support.

If you would like to discuss a potential donation, or have any questions about the Christmas Challenge, please contact Mary Stevens, Concerts in Care Homes & Hospices Manager at

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