Concerts In Care Homes

The idea of bringing music into care homes and hospices was initiated in 2007 by the ESO cellist Corinne Frost who, along with her colleagues, were aware that live music was hugely beneficial to people who would not otherwise have access to musical stimulation in their daily lives.

ESO musicians have many years of experience in this field; they are able to arrive at a home, assess the mood and level of engagement of their audience and adapt their choice of music accordingly, thereby creating a musical experience where performers are at one with those with whom they are interacting.After the concert, musicians normally mingle with their audience over a cup of tea, which frequently leads to stimulating and interesting conversations.

Whilst delivering high quality music to care settings, the musicians bring tremendous sense of warmth, humour and sensitivity to their concerts which raises the spirits, alertness and responsiveness of not only their primary audience, but also that of the staff, relatives and visitors in all the venues in which they play.

“The concert was much enjoyed in the moment and there were positive responses from residents who struggle to respond to most everyday stimuli. Two residents expressed a feeling of having something good happen on the following day.”
Chace Care Home, Upper Welland, Malvern

“Music makes the world go round. If you love music it cures every ill.”
Resident at The Chace Care Home, Upper Welland, Malvern

Music has the ability to trigger memories, research has shown that the performance of live music enhances the quality of life of elderly people, by reducing agitation, stress and the perception of pain. Evidence also demonstrates improved communication, greater levels of understanding between residents and staff and the reduction in the need for medication to alleviate distress. Such research validates what we know to be true from our own anecdotal evidence, as well as from feedback which we regularly receive from our beneficiaries.

Whilst Residential & Nursing Homes are generally happy to make a donation towards the funding of our concerts, this does not cover the actual cost to us, which, depending on the size of the ensemble, ranges from £775 to £1100 for putting on three concerts in a day.

For information on the DVD ‘Music to Lift the Spirit’ please click here.

If you are able to help us to continue our valuable work, as advocated by one home in Malvern ’carry on doing what you do for the benefit of the general public’, we would be delighted to hear from you. Donations of any size are extremely welcome and can be made in the following ways:


And don’t forget to tick the Gift Aid box. If you are a UK taxpayer, your donation will benefit from Gift Aid, increasing the value of your donation by 25%.

DONATE BY CHEQUE Payable to ‘ESO (2006) LIMITED’ and send to: Care Home Concerts, ESO, c/o Elgar School of Music, 16-20 Deansway, Worcester, WR1 2ES, UK

If you are a UK taxpayer, please let us know your name, email address and address so that we can claim Gift Aid on your behalf.

Mary Stevens
Manager & Fundraiser for Concerts in Care Homes & Hospices
Producer, ‘Music to Lift the Spirit’ DVD
Click here to e-mail Mary Stevens

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