The Roaring 20’s

Music from Wyastone – Studio Concert Series


Eubie Blake  Charleston Rag
Jelly Roll  Morton Black Bottom Stomp
Erwin Schulhoff  Suite for Chamber Orchestra Op.37
Ernst Krenek  Fantasie on ‘Jonny spielt auf’ (‘Jonny Played On’)
Darius Milhaud  Le boeuf sur le Toir (‘The Ox on the Roof’) Poeme Choregraphique
– Soloist: Zoë Beyers (Violin)


English Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Kenneth Woods
Violin: Zoë Beyers

Available from 1930 GMT, Thursday 31st December 2020

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One hundred years ago, the Afrrican-American music called Jazz exploded onto the international scene and changed the world forever.
As we get ready to celebrate the dawn of a new year, we look back 100 years to the wild musical terrain of the Jazz Age, and how a musical revolution which started with Ragtime in Arkansas took hold in Berlin, Vienna and Paris.

About the Composers and their Music

Eubie Blake

Blake was one of American music’s most enduring figures, contributing to the Ragtime revolution and the emergence of Jazz, his performing career spanned almost the entire 20th C. Credited with coining the expression shortly after his 100th birthday “If I’d known I was gonna live this long, I would have taken better care of myself” his Charleston Rag remains one of the cornerstones of American music.

Erwin Schullhoff

Schulhoff was one of the first European composers to embrace American music, and his Suite for Chamber Orchestra is a brilliant and witty romp with movement titles including “Shimmy”, “Tango” and “Stomp”

Ernst Krenek

Krenek had staked out a reputation as a modernist firebrand – married for a time to Mahler’s daughter and hailed by many as the heir to Schoenberg. But when he embraced Jazz in his opera Jonny spielt auf, he achieved a true succès de scandale, and the controversial opera would take Central Europe by storm, becoming the biggest hit of the 1920’s before it was banned by Hitler in 1933.

Darius Milhaud

Milaud looked further south for the inspiration for his surreal ballet, Le boeuf sur le Toit (The Ox on the Roof), borrowing extensively from the South American repertoire of bossa novas and tangos. He later re-worked the ballet into a stupendously virtuosic violin concerto, performed here by the ESO’s Leader, Zoë Beyers.

Recorded at Wyastone Concert Hall, Monmouth, on 9th & 10th November 2020